The closest thing to DDL’s one will get. If you are unsure how to make use of the below, here is a great place to start!

For those who would like their bots added here, send me a publicly hosted link to the XML file that iroffer can make and I’ll add it. Nice-to-have would also be an image for the profile picture, otherwise I will just pick from “The Best Female Anime Characters“. I plan to add the source code to github soonTM.

Moodkiller and Co. XDCC Packlist
For all your [MK] and associated groups needs.
BOTSTATS - will auto update in
Slots: 6 free - 6 in total - 0 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 0.0kB/s
Packs Available: 2472
Last Updated: 2021-07-24 05:23:43
Total Offered: 2.8TB
Total Transferred: 71TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 42GB - Weekly: 309GB - Monthly: 1.6TB
Uptime: 159D 21H 30M
Total Uptime: 1307 Days 14 Hrs and 57 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta13

Beatrice-Raws XDCC Packlist
Dedicated bot for all [Beatrice-Raws] releases.
BOTSTATS - will auto update in
Slots: 6 free - 6 in total - 0 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 0.0kB/s
Packs Available: 10502
Last Updated: 2021-07-24 05:23:54
Total Offered: 8.8TB
Total Transferred: 73TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 17GB - Weekly: 595GB - Monthly: 2.0TB
Uptime: 159D 21H 24M
Total Uptime: 885 Days 16 Hrs and 46 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta13

The GATE Server Packlist
Your doorway to a world of anime by the most reputable groups (Dual-Audio focused but has RAWS and Remuxes).
BOTSTATS - will auto update in
Slots: 4 free - 6 in total - 2 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 16749.4kB/s
Packs Available: 57446
Last Updated: 2021-07-23 23:31:29
Total Offered: 80TB
Total Transferred: 346TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 434GB - Weekly: 3.6TB - Monthly: 16TB
Uptime: 12D 17H 59M
Total Uptime: 474 Days 4 Hrs and 40 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta13

24 thoughts on “XDCC

  1. Getting “Transport endpoint is not connected” on Moody|XDCC.

    Also, thank you for your work on Parasyte. Still waiting for your return.

    1. Thank you for the heads up. Have fixed it for now – will put a permanent fix in at some point for that issue.
      And thank you kindly. Me too.

      1. Thanks for the report. That was during the great web server move. Should all be back now, let me know otherwise.

      1. To my knowledge, and I stand to be corrected, he has a bot that autodownloads his releases which then gets added to this XDDC bot. The parser website just refreshes his supplied list, so it’ll get added there after when it gets added to his.

    1. Hi, been a bit of a roller coaster. She got swapped with the web server’s server and as of a few minutes ago, remembered that #NIBL doesn’t accept/transfer on IPv6 addresses. It’s back for now…

      1. Thanks for the reply! Have the speeds been impacted as well? I’m barely getting around 10kB/s after being in the queue for around 2 hours.

      2. Not a problem. The speeds vary drastically because of the setup, but I’m assuming that you used to get better speeds than 10KB/s? I tweaked a few things about 12 hours ago (reduced the total slots from 8 -> 6 in a bid to reduce the overall load and set Rory to only check for new files every 6 hours). When I looked a few hours ago, she was transferring at 20MB/s over those 6 slots – which is the highest I’ve ever seen it). Might be best to cancel the transfer you’ve got at the moment and restart it.

    1. Haha, everyone asks “Where is Rory?”, never “How is Rory?”. I think she is fine as long as she is in the normal IRC channels. That status block relies on PHP processing a ~17MB file which it has to download every time, hence if it times out, the status block defaults back to being offline. I will put in a better solution at some point…

  2. D*mn, Rory hosted many great raws and releases, it ‘d be a shame if anything happened to her/it, hope to see it back on.

    1. She should be backup and running again (may take a while to sort through the queue). Server seemed to have locked up and needed a reboot. Thank you for the appreciation.

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