The closest thing to DDL’s one will get. If you are unsure where to start, please read below. Futher help can be obtained by visitng the relevant IRC and/or Discord servers.

How do I use this?

Setting up a client: Connecting to Xertion
A list of commands can be found here: XDCC Commands

Want your bot listed here?

For those who would like their bots added here, send me a publicly hosted link to the XML file that iroffer can make and I’ll add it. Nice-to-have would also be an image for the profile picture, otherwise I will just pick from “The Best Female Anime Characters“. I plan to add the source code to github soonTM.

Moodkiller and Co. XDCC Packlist
For all your [MK] and associated groups needs.
Slots: 6 free - 6 in total - 0 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 0.0kB/s
Packs Available: 2472
Last Updated: 2022-01-25 08:57:23 UTC
Total Offered: 2.8TB
Total Transferred: 79TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 10GB - Weekly: 93GB - Monthly: 536GB
Uptime: 345D 1H 4M
Total Uptime: 1492 Days 14 Hrs and 53 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta13
Timestamp: 2022-01-25 18:44:19 NZDT (last updated 3 hours and 13 minutes ago)

Beatrice-Raws XDCC Packlist
Dedicated bot for all [Beatrice-Raws] releases.
BOTSTATS - will auto update in
Slots: 6 free - 6 in total - 0 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 0.0kB/s
Packs Available: 11264
Last Updated: 2022-01-25 08:10:49
Total Offered: 10TB
Total Transferred: 78TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 0B - Weekly: 25GB - Monthly: 685GB
Uptime: 345D 0H 11M
Total Uptime: 1070 Days 17 Hrs and 2 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta13

The GATE Server Packlist
Your doorway to a world of anime by the most reputable groups (Dual-Audio focused but has RAWS and Remuxes).
we good
Last Updated: 2021-10-05 10:57:36 NZDT (13 hours, 32 minutes ago)
Slots: 6 free - 6 in total - 0 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 0.0kB/s
Packs Available: 58630
Last Updated: 2021-10-04 21:57:33
Total Offered: 82TB
Total Transferred: 399TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 36GB - Weekly: 36GB - Monthly: 36GB
Uptime: 0D 12H 1M
Total Uptime: 517 Days 16 Hrs and 36 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta13

41 thoughts on “XDCC

    1. I do not know – I don’t own HitomiServ, therefore its presence is out of my control. I suggest you ask their owner. Are you in the correct IRC channel?
      And I will reply only when I can.

    1. Hello, I posted a reply above that will be useful. It will be delayed / change regularly unfortunately due to how this all works.

  1. The “HitomiServ” bot its serving up files that don’t match the pack listings on this site, was working fine last night.

    1. Yup, very possible as the live packlist (aka the one that sits on the bot) updates before the website does. If this is the case / to avoid it being annoying, use: /msg HitomiServ xdcc send -1 to get the most up to date listing.

  2. I can’t get HexChat to work, I went through all of the steps and I’m still kind of lost. I tried joining the discord server but the link is invalid. Please help, this might be my only non-torrent way of getting the original episodes of Noragami Aragoto (not the BD version)

    1. A couple months late, but 1) did you come right? and if not, 2) what issues were you having / where were you lost? Will check the Discord link and update if necessary, thanks for pointing that out.

      Edit: Link was fine, but went to an undesired channel, replaced it with the preferred one.

  3. is HitomiServ down? All the other bots are there except this one. I see the files here but not the bot in my HexChat. When I try to download something from HitomiServ, it says there’s no such nick.

  4. Can you add [Beatrice-Raws] Redline [BDRip 1864×1048 HEVC DTS-HD FLAC] to Beatrice-Raws XDCC Packlist? Thanks 😀

    1. Sure. It is uploading now, there is about 1TB worth of their releases to process as the auto upload script stopped being “auto”.

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