Feeling a little generous?? It’s no secret that the current and ongoing setup requires this worlds currency in order to exist.

Upon currency sacrifice, perks include, but are not limited to:

• Continued and unrestricted leech mode.
• Specific DDL’s request
• My eternal Lo…thanks

Support method:

• BTC Address: 39dBWk1VMXgqGQKrV4YSm9dq8i4XzJ3RMu (kindly email me afterwards)
• PayPal: Email me for details
• Flattr: @Moodkiller
• Patreon: AniMK
• Buy me… : Loli support

Cost Breakdown (2020):

Webserver $15/month
Domain $1.45/month ($17.50/year)
Storage $12/month
XDCC $10/month
Total $38.45/month

Any and all contributions would solely go towards subsidizing the monthly costs and NOT for profit.
And please, no scammers. My windows open and close fine and the only problem I have with my apple is that it’s not a Granny Smith.

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