Feeling a little generous?? It’s no secret that the current and ongoing setup requires this worlds currency in order to exist.

Upon currency sacrifice, perks include, but are not limited to:

• Continued and unrestricted leech mode.
• Specific DDL’s request
• My eternal Lo…thanks

Support method:

• BTC Address: 39dBWk1VMXgqGQKrV4YSm9dq8i4XzJ3RMu (kindly email me afterwards)
• PayPal: Email me for details
• Flattr: @Moodkiller
• Patreon: AniMK

Cost Breakdown (2020):

Item Cost
Webserver $15/m
Storage $12/m
XDCC $10/m
Total $37/m

Any and all contributions would solely go towards subsidizing the monthly costs and NOT for profit.
And please, no scammers. My windows open and close fine and the only problem I have with my apple is that it’s not a Granny Smith.

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